Divorce Intervention

Changing the Culture of Divorce in the America

With today's culture of divorce in our country, it's likely that you or someone you know has faced the issue of divorce in their marriage. The statistics are staggering both inside and outside the church.  That's where I come in... My name is Russ Berg and together, I believe we can change the culture of divorce in our country.  We do this by changing the conversation in our homes, in our churches, and in our communities.  With over 25 years experience in pastoral ministry and a D. Min in Family Ministry I've developed a passion and a process for helping couples who are facing divorce and training ministry leaders to lead other couples through faith-based discernment counseling.  
While serving in Hennepin County District Court for 33 years and 5 of those years in Family Court, I became convinced that there were many couples who needed and wanted an alternative to divorce. They were desperate for solutions but the court only offered an ever more efficient system of divorce.  Russ Berg and Hope for the Hurting Home have had remarkable success in offering hopeless couples hope for their marriages and solutions for intractable problems. Using evidence validated counseling techniques, marriages are being restored. The emotional, financial, and societal cost of divorce is well documented. Hope for the Hurting Home is the most successful intervention to stop the carnage of divorce and return hope through best practices counseling and application of Biblical principles. I unequivocally support Dr. Russ Berg and Hope for the Hurting Home. The Honorable Judge Deborah Hedlund

Retired Senior Judge, Hennepin County District Court

Divorce Intervention Training

Through the ministry of Hope for the Hurting Home, we provide church-based training for pastors, ministry leaders, counselors, lawyers, and other leaders in divorce intervention and marriage rebuilding.  Our unique training will equip you and your team to change the conversations around divorce and bring hope to struggling marriages.

Divorce Intervention Counseling

If divorce is on the table, wouldn't you want to be sure that divorce is your best and only option?  Our short term intervention counseling will help you discern the best next steps for your marriage.
We are so appreciative of all you are doing for us. We left you with more hope than have had in the last 3 years… Needless to say our situation is much better…  there are things we still struggle with but we are trying to sort it all out. We thank God you were there to guide us through that horrible, horrible time. You are our gift! A & R - Dayton, MN