Professional References

  • Dr. Berg is a great listener and demonstrates tremendous compassion to his clients.  He is one of the most authentic shepherds I know and because of that he is immediately likable which serves him well in counseling situations.  Russ also has an acute interest in developing new skills and techniques;  ... bright, articulate, mature spiritually, has a great marriage and possesses a passion to become as effective as he can be in helping families.  ~Dr. George Kenworthy-Founderof Hope for the Hurting Home
  •  Russ brings personal experience from his own journey in his marriage as well as professional experience as a long time pastor of a thriving church body.  One of the many aspects that endeared Russ to his congregation is his ability to share openly and honestly about his own struggles and inadequacies.  His spiritual and emotional maturity is evidenced in an amazing ability to bring hope and healing in the name of the Lord to couples who are in crisis.  Russ has a gift to be able to connect emotionally and bridge spiritually into the lives of others with a non- anxious presence because of his love for God and a pastor -shepherd's heart.  He uses the 10 session Marriage Make Over from Hope for the Hurting Home intentionally and purposely. I have experienced his hard work to bring balance and encouragement through godly insights and experiences.  ~Becky Peterson M.A. , Adler Institute, Case Manager at Robbinsdale Women's Center. Robinsdale, MN
  • Dr.Berg is a good listener and pays attention to the whole person and not just their words. Because of his sincerity and humor, he is able to approach difficult topics with ease. Russ is conscientious and thoughtful in session...clearly possesses not just a substantial amount of Scriptural knowledge, but Biblical stories, verses, and principles that are applicable as well as easily understood and digested by clients. I personally have learned a great deal from him and have been touched by his personalized approach to the Bible. While we are there to bring about great changes in the marriages of our clients, he does not lose sight of our need for the Lord's guidance and power.   ~Amanda Boyd Ph. D. – Chief of Counselors and Supervising Therapist – Hope for the Hurting Home
  • “While serving in Hennepin County District Court for 33 years and 5 of those years in Family Court, I became convinced that there were many couples who needed and wanted an alternative to divorce. They were desperate for solutions but the court only offered an ever more efficient system of divorce.  Russ Berg and Hope for the Hurting Home have had remarkable success in offering hopeless couples hope for their marriages and solutions for intractable problems. Using evidence validated counseling techniques, marriages are being restored. The emotional, financial, and societal cost of divorce is well documented. Hope for the Hurting Home is the most successful intervention to stop the carnage of divorce and return hope through best practices counseling and application of Biblical principles. I unequivocally support Dr. Russ Berg and Hope for the Hurting Home.”                                                                                                                     ~The Honorable Judge Deborah Hedlund  Retired Senior Judge Hennepin County District Court, Hennepin County, MN
  • Russ Berg has been a key participant in the Crisis Marriages in Faith Communities Project which I have led for about 2 years through the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project.  Russ has a central focus on marriage issues at this point in his career, and is a leader in the group's effort to conceptualize the challenges clergy face in helping crisis marriages and developing best practices that can work in the real work of church life.  He gets the issues at both professional and personal levels, demonstrating an appreciation of the humanity of all involved in these crisis situation.   ~William J. Doherty - PhD  Professor of Family Social Science and Director of the Citizen Professional Center, University of Minnesota
Read more below from Dr. Doherty's  regarding Dr. Berg's work with the Crisis Marriages in Faith Communities Project.  Doherty Endorsement 5-17-13