Personal Stories

What couples have said...

“After attending counseling outside of our church in the past, we would leave feeling empty with no clear path to get beyond our struggles with one another.  In contrast, your program grounds me by focusing on God's love for us, encouraging our faith, and strengthening our commitment to one another. There is no longer that lost, empty feeling...I feel supported and "held" through our sessions. Though we have a long way to go, you've given us great advice on how to speak lovingly to one  another, on dealing with past hurts by moving forward and granting forgiveness, and changing the family dynamics for future generations.  Thank you for work you've done     with us so far!”                   C & S – Maple Grove, MN
“Even though we have met with Russ just one time, it seemed different from other counselors we have seen previously. Pastor Russ wanted some background on how we met and wanted us to almost relive what it was like when we first met.  He reminded us that we got along once and we were attracted to each other in the past, so it is possible with God's help to get there  again.  I also liked the assignment of the family tree and how generations can repeat the same types of relationships.  This was very helpful for me to see this on paper. It is something I have never considered before. I look forward to continue this process.             P & K – Brooklyn Park, MN
“My husband and I have had a few counseling sessions with Pastor Russ.  Both of us left our first session feeling inspired and with hope that we were on the right track. Russ has also given us a different perspective on each other’s childhood’s, which has helped us understand each other and also helped us understand some of our differences.  We look forward to continuing our counseling..”                  Un-churched couple- Blaine, MN
"We are so appreciative of all you are doing for us. We left you with more hope than have had in the last 3 years… Needless to say our situation is much better…  there are things we still struggle with but we are trying to sort it all out. We thank God you were there to guide us through that horrible, horrible time. You are our gift!"                             A & R- Dayton, MN
“…thank you for being instrumental in what I'd consider a breakthrough… Something clicked with what you said. This morning my spouse talked to me and said until last night, he truly believed he was always right. He now realized that he was wrong and felt sorry. I can maybe count on 1 hand how many times I've ever heard him say he wasn't right and I’m sorry in the same sentence."                                            E & S -Maple Grove,MN

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